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Felinophobia is a fear of ______?
In the 1980 Summer Olympics, Nadia Comaneci was judged to have given a perfect performance on the asymmetrical bars and which other exercise?
Of the known planets which one is nearest the Sun?
On which river is Rome located?
What age do baby flamingos turn pink?
What canal parts redesigned by Leonardo da Vinci in 1497 are still in use today?
What country lifted a ban on Aristotle, Shakespeare & Dickens in 1978?
What happened on January 27, 1967?
What is the basic currency of Angola?
What is the common name for hydrogen hydroxide?
What is the fear of childbirth?
What name is given to the single super-continent that existed 200 million years ago?
What polar animal got its name from the Swedish words for whale and horse?
What type of creature is a Whydah?
What word links police, railway, wagon?
Which Country Owns Christmas Island?
Which company is the number one importer of beer in the US?
Which singer had the most #1 singles in the 80's?
Who was the first civilian astronaut to fly?
“It is better to have 100 friends than 100 rubles” is a proverb in what country?

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