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I've ever met. See, obviously, everything on a plane
Is that true? That's right. One can make all kinds
It's very clever. Thank you. How's that working out
What do you do? What do you mean? What do you do
and I sell soap-- the yard stick
for a living? Why? So you can pretend
for you? What? Being clever. Great. Keep it up, then. Right up. Now a question
household items. Really? If one were
how I met... "Tyler Durden." Did you know, if you
is single-serving, even-- Oh, I get it.
like you're interested? [Laughs] OK. You have a kind of
mixed equal parts of gasoline and frozen
of civilization. Narrator: And this is
of explosives using simple
of etiquette. As I pass, do I give you the ass
or angejuice concentrate, you can make napalm? No, I did not know that.
sick desperation in your laugh. We have
so inclined. Tyler, you are, by far,
the exact same briefcase. Soap. Sorry? I make
the most interesting "single-serving" friend

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